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Michelle Beaumont Owens

I created the 50 Over 50 Experience to showcase women over 50 as who they really are...strong, beautiful and confident ladies entering another chapter of their lives...feeling and looking fabulous over 50!

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My Mission Includes You

I believe every woman should exist in photos. We are too often behind the camera, not in front of it. We politely decline to be photographed, saying, "I hate the way I look in photos." We tell ourselves that the right time to book a portrait is after we lose weight, after our skin clears up, or after the "bad" haircut grows out. Meanwhile, time marches on. A day slips into a week.

One season morphs into the next. Years pass until, one important day, your loved ones will go looking for photographs of you.

What will they find?

My mission is to take the best portrait of you at a pivotal moment in time—right now.

You and I will collaborate to create an image that shows how perfect you are

at this moment in your life's journey.

I will guide you every step of the way, from wardrobe to posing, to capture you in your best form. Get ready to laugh and have fun. Your photoshoot will be a safe space to encourage your unique beauty and inner light to shine through.

I am extending an invitation for you to be seen as I see you: a gorgeous soul that deserves to have heirloom quality portraits to cherish, display and pass from one generation to the next. Together, let's create treasured artifacts that will last lifetimes.

Take the next step. I will be truly honored to be your personal photographer. Call me today to schedule your photoshoot consultation.

Keep shining,


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